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Model Number: KAC1052
Manufacturer HONEYWELL
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Categories Coupler
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Product Details

The Honeywell KAC-1052 Antenna Coupler is a component of a KHF-1050 HF Radio Communications System. The KHF-1050 HF System consists of a KPA-1052 Power Amplifier, KRX-1053 Receiver/Exciter, PS-440 Control unit and the KAC-1052. The KAC-1052 receives 200W Peak Envelope Power (PEP) HF signals from the KPA-1052 Power Amplifier and feeds the power to an aircraft antenna through its impedance transformation networks. Received signals to the KRX-1053 Receiver/Exciter go through the KAC-1052 and KPA-1052 Power Amplifier.

The KAC-1052 is typically installed near an antenna inside the aircraft fuselage with close proximity to the antenna to reduce feed line loss. To prevent high-voltage arcing at high altitudes, the KAC-1052 is filled with nitrogen and keeps its internal pressure consistent. The KAC-1052 is certified for vertical installation in fixed wing aircraft but for helicopter applications requires a horizontal mount kit tray sold separately. The KAC-1052 is 4.75 inches wide, 7.24 inches high, 13.60 inches long and weighs 16.4 pounds approximately. The KAC-1052 has an altitude range up to +55,000 feet and requires a temperature range of -55°C to +70°C.