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Model Number: KAC952
Manufacturer HONEYWELL
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Categories Coupler
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Product Details

The Honeywell KAC-952 is a Power Amplifier/Antenna Coupler. The KAC-952 is used with the KHF-950 HF System. The KAC-952 is solid state and can be mounted outside the aircraft pressure vessel for an operation altitude up to +55,000 feet. The KAC-952 is mounted near the HF antenna to optimize transmission efficiency. The automatic antenna coupler in the KAC-952 tunes the antenna frequency making the antenna appear to the transmitted signal as though it were the optimum physical length.

The power amplifier in the KAC-952 amplifies the signal from the KTR-953 Receiver/Exciter into a 150 watt peak envelope power transmit signal in a single sideband operation and 35 watts in AM operation. The power requirement for the KAC-952 is 28V and the weight is 12.5 pounds. The dimensions for the KAC-952 are 5.75 inches wide, 7.24 inches high and is 14.25 inches in length. The basic model for the KAC-952 is available without an external capacitor connector.