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Model Number: KS270A
Description: PITCH SERVO
Manufacturer HONEYWELL
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Categories Servo
Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details

The Bendix/King KS-270A Pitch Servo unit is used predominantly in the KFC-200, KFC-250 and KFC-250A Autopilot systems. The electrically driven KS-270A converts electrical autopilot error signals into mechanical forces to drive the aircraft's pitch control surface. The KS-270A has a max torque output of 100 in-pounds and requires a power input of +14VDC at 5A max or +28VDC at 5A max. The KS-270A houses the sense switches of the auto trim system.

The KS-270 servo series comes with several variations which include different motors, motor gear heads and torque sensing thresholds. The changes in the motor and motor gear heads between the KS-270 versions cause subsequent speed changes as measured with the capstan connected. The KS-270A is directly interchangeable with a KS-270 and mates with the KM-275 Servo mount. The KS-270A includes optional nut plates to be used with servo mount bolts.