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Model Number: IVA81D
Description: TCAS/VSI
Manufacturer HONEYWELL
Alternate Part Number
National Stock Number
Repair Capabilities NO
Stock 0

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Product Details
Part Number Differences:
Part NumberBezel ColorBright ColorLighting BusPrimary PowerTA Select SwitchNight Vision CapableRange Control Up Down
066-01171-0901BlackYes5 VAC or VDC115 VACYesNoNo
066-01171-0903BlackYes5 VAC or VDC115 VACYesNoNo
066-01171-0904BlackYes5 VAC or VDC115 VACYesNoNo
066-01171-1001GrayYes5 VAC or VDC115 VACYesNoNo
066-01171-1004GrayYes5 VAC or VDC115 VACYesNoNo
066-01171-1101BrownYes5 VAC or VDC115 VACYesNoNo
066-01171-1704BlackYes5 VAC or VDC28 VDCYesNoNo
066-01171-1804GrayYes5 VAC or VDC28 VDCYesNoNo
066-01171-2304BlackYes28 VDC28 VDCYesNoNo
066-01171-2702BlackYes5 VAC or VDC28 VDCNoNoYes
066-01171-2704BlackYes5 VAC or VDC28 VDCNoNoYes
066-01171-2804GrayYes5 VAC or VDC28 VDCNoNoYes
066-01171-3104BlackYes28 VDC28 VDCNoNoYes
066-01171-3404GrayYes5 VAC or VDC115 VACNoNoNo
066-01171-3504BlackYes5 VAC or VDC115 VACNoNoYes
066-01171-3604GrayYes5 VAC or VDC115 VACNoNoYes
066-01171-3704BlackYes28 VDC115 VACNoYesYes
066-01171-3706BlackYes5 VAC or VDC115 VACNoYesYes
066-01171-8102GrayNo5 VAC or VDC115 VACNoNoNo