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Model Number: KEA346
Manufacturer BENDIX/KING
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Categories Altimeters
Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details
The BendixKing KEA-346 is a Servoed Encoding Altimeter that provides altitude indication by a single pointer dial in 20 foot increments and 3 counters. The KEA-346 is a clamp mounted, internally lighted, diaphragm actuated self-contained barometric instrument with a servo mechanism that drives the pointer/counters, encoder and potentiometer. The KEA-346 barometric pressure is presented on 2 counters showing both inches of Mercury (in. Hg) and in MilliBars (Mb). The barometric range presented is 28.10 in. Hg to 30.99 in. Hg and 952 Mb to 1049 Mb. The KEA-346 operates in an altitude range of -1,000 feet to + 50,000 feet and temperature range of -30°C to +50°C. The KEA-346 is 3.26 inches wide, 3.26 inches high, 7.95 inches deep and weighs 3.20 pounds. The KEA-346 requires a power supply of 28 VDC. The KEA-346 has variations between 5 VDC or 28 VDC internal blue-white lighting, gray or black bezel, round or octagonal styling ring, and an electrical reference signal corresponding to the barometric setting.