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Model Number: ED462
Manufacturer HONEYWELL
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Categories EFIS
Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details

The Honeywell ED-462 is an Electronic Display unit that is part of the EFS-40 Electronic Horizontal Situational Indicator System. The ED-462 can function as an Altitude Direction Indicator (ADI) or a Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI). The ED-462 electronic display has no front panel controls. When used as an ADI, an inclinometer is mounted on the front panel. The Ed-462's 4 inch CRT converts X & Y axis deflection signals to red-green-blue video signals.

The ED-462 is available in 32 variations including lighting voltage, face plate color, HIRF, cooling blower assembly and an inverted back. The ED-462 is controlled through a separate CP-470 Control Panel with information being processed by the SG-465 Symbol Generator. The ED-462 operates at a maximum altitude of +55,000 feet and a temperature range of -40°C to +55°C. The ED-462 is 10.58 inches deep, 4.18 inches high, 4.18 inches wide and weighs 5.40 pounds.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberFace PlateLightingCooling BlowerInverted BackHIRF
066-03125-0100Black5 VNoNoNo
066-03125-0200Black28 VNoNoNo
066-03125-0300Gray5 VNoNoNo
066-03125-0400Gray28 VNoNoNo
066-03125-0500Black5 VYesNoNo
066-03125-0600Black28 VYesNoNo
066-03125-0700Gray5 VYesNoNo
066-03125-0800Gray28 VYesNoNo
066-03125-1100Black5 VNoYesYes
066-03125-1200Black28 VNoYesYes
066-03125-1300Gray5 VNoYesYes
066-03125-1400Gray28 VNoYesYes
066-03125-1500Black5 VYesYesYes
066-03125-1600Black28 VYesYesYes
066-03125-1700Gray5 VYesYesYes
066-03125-1800Gray28 VYesYesYes
066-03125-2100Black5 VNoNoYes
066-03125-2200Black28 VNoNoYes
066-03125-2300Gray5 VNoNoYes
066-03125-2400Gray28 VNoNoYes
066-03125-2500Black5 VYesNoYes
066-03125-2600Black28 VYesNoYes
066-03125-2700Gray5 VYesNoYes
066-03125-2800Gray28 VYesNoYes
066-03125-3100Black5 VNoYesYes
066-03125-3200Black28 VNoYesYes
066-03125-3300Gray5 VNoYesYes
066-03125-3400Gray28 VNoYesYes
066-03125-3500Black5 VYesYesYes
066-03125-3600"Black "28 VYesYesYes
066-03125-3700Gray5 VYesYesYes
066-03125-3800Gray28 VYesYesYes