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Model Number: KMD540
Manufacturer HONEYWELL
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Categories MFD
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Product Details

The KMD-540 is panel mounted multi-function display that utilizes a 5 inch diagonal LCD to display a detailed moving map using data from the front loading data card. The KMD-540 comes with wide viewing angles. The KMD-540 has the ability to display storm scope information as well as NTSC video input. The KMD-540 may host up to four optional modules to expand the capability of the unit.The KMD-540 is capable of receiving magnetic heading from several sources such as synchro XYZ, FMS/HDG, traffic ARINC 429, WX-500 and air data. Heading information is used to correct difference between heading and track based display pages for overlay of flight plan info and other data. The KMD-540 has a cartographic database that presents information such as airports, VORs, SUA, rivers, roads, and more.

The KMD-540 is a multiple microprocessor unit, in its basic configuration as a moving map unit there are three microprocessors in operation. One processor is located on the front panel PCB and handles all the front panel controls. The second processor is located on the interface PCB and handles all the systems I/O. The third processor is on the NAV PCB and handles the primary NAV functions and the interface to the PCMCIA data card. The circuitry of the KMD-540 is distributed across a maximum of eleven printed circuit cards that can be split into two groups. The first group forms the basic platform on which the KMD-540 system operates and consist of the following distribution board, power supply board, interface processor board, switch board, joystick knob board and NAV processor board. The second group consist of KAC-501 Wx processor module, KAC-502 EGPWS processor module, KAC-504 TRFC processor module and the KAC-503 FIS processor module. The KMD-540 will operate with an input voltage of 10 to 33 VDC; however, front panel lighting must be +5 VDC, 5 VAC, +14 VDC, or +28 VDC depending on the aircraft lighting bus. The KMD-540 comes with easy joystick control and multiple function keys used for operation. The KMD-540 uses two 37 pin D-Type connectors to interface between the LRU and the aircraft. Also, the unit uses a BNC connector to interface between the unit and the external video source.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberBezel ColorWide Viewing Angles Improved RF SusceptibilityMultiple Microprocessor
066-04035-0301Silver CrownYesNoYes
066-04035-1301Silver CrownYesYesYes