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Model Number: KDI572
Description: DME IND
Manufacturer HONEYWELL
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Categories Indicators
Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details

The Honeywell KDI-572 Distance Measuring Equipment, DME, Indicator controls and displays information from a remote DME receiver-transmitter. The KDI-572 displays distance, ground speed, and time-to-station all at once. The KDI-572 digitally computed slant-range distance displays up to the maximum range of 399 nautical miles. Station lock-on is gained within three seconds typically, with accurate ground speed and time to station computations becoming available within 60 seconds. The indicators receive DME information in the form of digital, serial data from the remote mounted DME. The indicators are also capable of displaying RNAV data received in serial form.

The KDI-572 panel mounted DME indicator designed to work with the KN-63, KDM-706, KDM-706A, or KTU-709 remote mounted DME's. A light-sensing photocell provides automatic dimming for the gas charge display. The KDI-572 is 6.47 inches in length, 3.50 inches in width, 1.35 inches in height, and weighs 0.80 pounds maximum. Available with 28 or 5 VDC lighting.