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Model Number: KI525A
Manufacturer BENDIX KING
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Categories Indicators
Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details

The KI-525A is the panel indicator for the KCS-55A Compass System, an optional part of the KFC-225 Flight Control System. The panel-mounted KI-525A pictorial navigation indicator combines the display functions of both the standard directional gyro and the course deviation indicator. This combination gives the pilot a single view of the complete horizontal navigation situation. It greatly simplifies course orientation, interception, and tracking, so you have to work a lot less. It also comes with manual controls for course and heading datum selection. Dual glideslope pointers are on view only during an ILS approach. The KI-525A Pictorial Navigation Indicator consists of several functional sections. These include digitally driven heading display card, course datum and heading select optically derived autopilot outputs, a servo driven glideslope pointer using an optical position sensor, a glideslope retract circuit to detect an invalid GS signal, a NAV flag circuit that monitors NAV receiver power and video signal level, a HDG flag that monitors system power, gyro spin motor operation and slaving activity; plus the normal course deviation bar, TO-FROM meter slaving CT, heading transmitter and course resolver.

The KI-525A operates at 14 or 28 VDC and is internally lit. Models are available with 5 volt lighting. The KI-525A comes with a choice of a gray or black bezel. The KI-525A has versions available that operate at 30 Hz or 400Hz. The KI-525A has an optional bootstrap heading synchro for any device, such as an autopilot, that might need heading information. For high vibration environments like a helicopter, the KI-525A is available with glideslope needle damping. Optional night vision goggle capability.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberLighting VoltageBezel ColorOBSHeading Transmitter
066-3046-0114/28 VDCBlack30 HzYes
066-3046-0014/28 VDCBlack30 HZNo
066-3046-0214/28 VDCBlack30/400 HZNo
066-3046-0314/28 VDCBlack30/400 HZYes
066-3046-0414/28 VDCBlack30 HZNo
066-3046-0514/28 VDCBlack30 HZYes
066-3046-0614/28 VDCBlack30/400 HZNo
066-3046-0714/28 VDCBlack30/400 HZYes
066-3046-085 VDCBlack30 HZYes
066-3046-105 VDCGray30 HzYes
066-3046-115 VDCGray30/400 HZYes
066-3046-125 VDCBlack30/400 HZYes