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Model Number: KNI582
Description: RMI
Manufacturer BENDIX KING
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Product Details

The Honeywell KNI-582 is a Radio Magnetic Indicator that transmits bearing information to both the ADF or VOR stations by two pointers. All the information displayed by each needle on the KNI-582 is determined by the front panel switch. The KNI-582 operates from any slaved magnetic compass with ARINC X, Y, and Z output. The KNI-582 is used with KN-53, KNS-80/81, KX-155/165, KX170B/175B, KNR-615/630/634, and KNI-665/665A Navigation Receivers. The KNI-582 is also used with KR87, KDF800/805/8000 ADF Receivers and KCS-55/55A, KCS-305 Compass Systems.

The KNI-582 variations have black or gray bezel, 5V or 28V lighting, compatibility with TACAN and optional night vision goggle capability. The KNI-582 weighs 3.0 pounds, the width is 3.25 inches, height is 3.25 inches, and length is 8.00 inches.