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Model Number: ART2000
Description: RADAR SENSOR
Manufacturer HONEYWELL
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Categories Radar Equipment
Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details
The ART-2000 is a radar sensor used in RDR-2000 color radar system with vertical profile capability.  The ART-2000 can be used with RDS-81 indicators non vertical profile and RDS-82 indicators compatible. The ART-2000 is a solid-state with a 4 kilowatt power microprocessor based antenna stabilization. The antenna array is attached to the microwave assembly on the Art-2000 and the two move together as the radar scans. The base of the ART-2000 contains the receiver and all the processing and control circuits. The antenna scan angle can be configured for a 90 degree or 100 degree scan. The ART-2000 can accommodate up to three ARINC 429 control inputs, but only two of them can be actively controlling the system at one time and display Number three must be EFIS 40/50 software level 9 or higher. The ART-2000 has a high-reliability design with a magnetron life of 8000 hours. The ART-2000 System provides radar stabilization input for combined pitch, roll, and tilt angles of up to +-30 degrees, available with 10 or 12 inch flat plate antenna (sold separately). The ART-2000 Digital Weather Radar System utilizes the latest in digital weather avoidance technology. Coupled with the Bendix/King KMD-850 or Avidyne EX-500 Multi-Function Display, these systems offer you a clear depiction of not only weather radar, but also allows for the overlay of your flight plan, traffic and even lightning data for enhanced situational awareness.