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Model Number: KFS586A
Description: ADF CONTROL
Manufacturer HONEYWELL
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Categories Controls
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Product Details

The Bendix/King KFS-586A ADF Control Unit is a frequency and function control unit designed to operate in conjunction with the KDF-806 automatic direction finder. The KFS-586A contains a 7-segment gas discharge display that presents both the active and standby frequencies. Automatic dimming circuits adjust the display brightness according to changes in ambient light conditions. The KFS-586A switches power to the receiver, controls the audio output level, controls the ADF/BFO, ADF, ANT, and ANT/BFO modes of the receiver and maintains the active and standby frequencies, tuning the receiver with the active frequency.

The KFS-586A will retain the active and standby frequencies through a power off condition. When used with the KNS-660 system, you have frequency management capability, allowing you to tune into both the automatic direction finder and the flight management system from a single instrument. The KFS-586A comes in several variations that include options between gray or black face plates, standard or diffused lens, night vision display, and 5, 14, 28, or 115 Volt lighting. The KFS-586A is 2.250 inches high, 2.093 inches wide, 7.375 inches deep and weighs 0.68 pounds.