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Model Number: C14A
Manufacturer HONEYWELL
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Categories Gyros
Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details

The C-14A assembly consist of the gyro synchronizer and base assemblies. The compass system uses the horizontal component of the earth’s magnetic field to provide a continuous magnetic heading reference for the aircraft navigation. The basic compass system consist of the directional gyro, a flux valve, and an annunciator. The C-14A synchronizer provides gyro stabilized heading reference for the system. The C-14A is an electrically driven element that is processed to the magnetic heading reference of the flux valve by the output of an internal slaving amplifier acting through a precession torque motor. The C-14A receives an input from the flux valve through the flux valve control transformer (FVCT) units in the C-6 indicator units. The output from the FVCT is tuned to 800Hz and applied to the slaving amplifier. The slaving amplifier output is then applied to the precession coils in the C-14A gyro and to the annunciator. The precession coils located on the outer C-14A gyro gimbal receive the error signal from the slaving amplifier. The current through theses coils creates a field which reacts with the permanent magnets located on the inner C-14A gyro gimbal. The C-14A gyro is maintained in a level position by a leveling torque motor located on the outer gimbal case. The leveling torque motor is operated by controlling voltages routed through a split ring leveling switch located on the inner gimbal. The leveling torque motor is geared to the gimbal so that the torque is applied to maintain the gyro wheel level with respect to the C-14A gyro case. The power requirements for the C-14A are 35VA starting and 22VA operational.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberInput VoltageHeading TransmittersClutched PotentiometerFlux Valve Control Transformer
2587193-41115 ± 121NoYes
2587193-42115 ± 121YesYes
2587193-43115 ± 122NoYes
2587193-44115 ± 121NoNo
2587193-45115 ± 121YesNo
2587193-46115 ± 122NoNo
2587193-47115 ± 121NoYes