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Model Number: SM202
Description: SERVO DRIVE
Manufacturer HONEYWELL
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Categories Servo
Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details

The SM-200 Servo Drive is an automatic flight control system power unit. When coupled to the servo drum and housing assembly, the SM-200 controls aircraft aileron, elevator, and rudder surface position. The function of the SM-200 is to translate electrical inputs into a rotational mechanical output to drive a drum and housing assembly. The SM-200 also provides position and rate feedback signals.  The SM-200 requires an input voltage of +28 Vdc. The starting input wattage for the SM-200 is 60 Watts but is only 40 Watts while running.

The SM-200 is composed of a motor-tachometer, synchro (except for -94X and 95X units), and a clutch. The motor-tachometer is externally mounted on a cast aluminum housing that contains a bearing-supported gear train. The synchro, when present, and the clutch are externally mounted on a plate that serves as a cover for the housing. The SM-200 mounts onto a SB-201 mounting bracket for installation. The dimensions for the SM-200 are 7.55 inches in length, 3.75 inches in width and a height of 3.80 inches weighing 5.1 pounds maximum.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberPower Gear A No. of TeethPower Gear B No. of TeethSynchro Gear C No. of TeethSynchro Gear D No. of Teeth
4006719-70446 Teeth29 Teeth94 Teeth74 Teeth
4006719-71360 Teeth15 Teeth122 Teeth46 Teeth
4006719-73360 Teeth15 Teeth122 Teeth46 Teeth
4006719-90132 Teeth43 Teeth58 Teeth110 Teeth
4006719-90239 Teeth36 Teeth58 Teeth110 Teeth
4006719-90346 Teeth29 Teeth58 Teeth110 Teeth
4006719-90446 Teeth29 Teeth94 Teeth74 Teeth
4006719-90552 Teeth23 Teeth58 Teeth110 Teeth
4006719-90652 Teeth23 Teeth94 Teeth74 Teeth
4006719-90752 Teeth23 Teeth122 Teeth46 Teeth
4006719-90857 Teeth18 Teeth58 Teeth110 Teeth
4006719-90957 Teeth18 Teeth94 Teeth74 Teeth
4006719-91057 Teeth18 Teeth122 Teeth46 Teeth
4006719-91160 Teeth15 Teeth58 Teeth110 Teeth
4006719-91260 Teeth15 Teeth94 Teeth74 Teeth
4006719-91360 Teeth15 Teeth122 Teeth46 Teeth
4006719-91439 Teeth36 Teeth94 Teeth74 Teeth
4006719-91746 Teeth29 Teeth94 Teeth74 Teeth
4006719-91846 Teeth29 Teeth58 Teeth110 Teeth
4006719-91946 Teeth29 Teeth94 Teeth74 Teeth
4006719-92057 Teeth18 Teeth122 Teeth46 Teeth
4006719-92152 Teeth23 Teeth94 Teeth74 Teeth
4006719-92257 Teeth18 Teeth122 Teeth46 Teeth
4006719-92357 Teeth18 Teeth122 Teeth110 Teeth
4006719-92452 Teeth23 Teeth94 Teeth74 Teeth
4006719-92557 Teeth18 Teeth122 Teeth46 Teeth
4006719-92660 Teeth15 Teeth122 Teeth46 Teeth
4006719-93360 Teeth15 Teeth122 Teeth46 Teeth
4006719-94132 Teeth43 TeethNo SynchroNo Synchro
4006719-94239 Teeth36 TeethNo SynchroNo Synchro
4006719-94346 Teeth29 TeethNo SynchroNo Synchro
4006719-94452 Teeth23 TeethNo SynchroNo Synchro
4006719-94557 Teeth18 TeethNo SynchroNo Synchro
4006719-94660 Teeth15 TeethNo SynchroNo Synchro
4006719-94857 Teeth18 TeethNo SynchroNo Synchro
4006719-94957 Teeth18 TeethNo SynchroNo Synchro
4006719-95132 Teeth43 TeethNo SynchroNo Synchro
4006719-95239 Teeth36 TeethNo SynchroNo Synchro
4006719-95346 Teeth29 TeethNo SynchroNo Synchro
4006719-95452 Teeth23 TeethNo SynchroNo Synchro
4006719-95557 Teeth18 TeethNo SynchroNo Synchro
4006719-95660 Teeth15 TeethNo SynchroNo Synchro