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Model Number: VG208A
Manufacturer JET
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Categories Gyros
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Product Details

The L-3 Avionics VG-208A Displacement Gyroscope develops, through synchros, pitch and roll electrical signals representative of the aircraft attitude through 360° roll and ±82° in pitch. Independent roll and pitch transformers are used to provide 50 mV/° and 200 mV/° radar data outputs to other systems requiring pitch and roll information. The VG-208A requires 115 VAC, 400 Hz, single-phase power.

 The VG-208A is a hermetically sealed Displacement Gyroscope that contains a gyro motor which will rotate the gyro rotor at approximately 10,000 rpm. The erection system incorporates separate systems for pitch and roll. Vertical reference is established by two gravity sensitive electrolytic switches which control a torque motor for each gyro axis. The VG-208A gyroscope is comprised of the inner axis, the outer axis and the frame assembly. The hermetically sealed case is filled with 95% helium and 5% carbon dioxide. The VG-208A is 4.885 inches wide, 6.600 inches long, 4.175 inches high and weighs 5.0 pounds maximum.