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Model Number: 562C5
Description: AUTO PILOT AMP
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Categories Autopilot, Amplifier
Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details

The 562C-5 Autopilot Amplifier positions the aircraft aileron and elevator servos, in response to signals from the flight computer or manual commands from the autopilot controller or the control wheel steering. The 562C-5 is part of a flight control system with black vinyl texture coating on the case. The 562C-5 weight is 7.5lb and the input voltage on the 562C-5 is +28 Vdc or 115Vac, input watts 15W. The 562C-5 operates at temperature -54° to +71° C (-65° to +160° F) with a storage temperature of -65° to +71° C (-85° to +160° F). Aircraft configuration models can be plugged into the front of the 562C-5 changing part number.

The 562C-5 is capable of semiautomatic operation with automatic mode switching for manual flight control. The Trim Adapter receives electrical trim commands from the 562C-5 Autopilot Amplifier and operates the aircraft trim motors. The Trim Tab Servo positions the elevator trim tab in reply to trim commands from the 562C-5 Autopilot Amplifier. In case of loss of power on the gyro monitor, servo monitor or failure of autopilot trim system the annunciator will light.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberLighting VoltageAnnunciator LightAircraft
522-2900-001+28 Vdc or 115VacYesNot Specified
522-2900-002+28 Vdc or 115VacYesMerlin III (SA-226T)
522-2900-003+28 Vdc or 115VacYesSabreliner NA265-602
522-2900-005+28 Vdc or 115VacYesCommodore 1123
522-2900-006+28 Vdc or 115VacYesMerlin IV (SA-226AT)
522-2900-010+28 Vdc or 115VacYesKing Air A100
522-2900-011+28 Vdc or 115VacYesMU-2G/2J
522-2900-013+28 Vdc or 115VacYesC-l30H, 382B, 382G, 382E
522-2900-014+28 Vdc or 115VacYesJetStar 731
522-2900-015+28 Vdc or 115VacYesBeech C-90
522-2900-017+28 Vdc or 115VacYesSabreliner NA265-40
522-2900-020+28 Vdc or 115VacYesAero Commander 690
522-2900-022+28 Vdc or 115VacYesSabreliner NA265-80
522-2900-024+28 Vdc or 115VacYesJet Commander 1121B/M
522-2900-025+28 Vdc or 115VacYesGulfstream G159
522-2900-026+28 Vdc or 115VacYesBeech Model 200
522-2900-027+28 Vdc or 115VacYesBeech Model 200 (CAA)
522-2900-028+28 Vdc or 115VacYesWestwind 1124
522-2900-057+28 Vdc or 115VacYesC-l30H, 382B, 382G, 382E
522-2900-099+28 Vdc or 115VacYesNot Specified
522-2900-114+28 Vdc or 115VacYesJetstar II/731