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Model Number: 24929412
Manufacturer KOLLSMAN
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Categories Altimeters
Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details

The Altimeter is a panel-mounted indicator that provides the pilot with a display of baro-corrected altitude and provides encoded altitude signals to a transponder. The pneumatic Encoding Altimeter displays baro-corrected altitude on the familiar counter-drum-pointer presentation. The pointer makes one revolution per thousand feet. The dial graduations are at twenty-foot increments, and the counter indicates altitude in ten thousand, thousands and hundreds of feet. A knob-settable counter displays the barometric pressure in inches of mercury and millibars. Setting of the barometric scale knob offsets the output and the display, but does not affect the reported altitude sent to the transponder by the encoder in the unit. Reported altitude is always relative to standard pressure (29.92 inches Hg). Indicator markings are white on a black background. The principle components of the altimeter are: two capsules, a mechanism assembly, a dial, a pointer, a counter for altitude presentation, a counter for setting local barometric conditions, a vibrator assembly, and an optical encoder assembly. An ALERT light, mounted on the bezel, is electrically connected to the output of a companion altitude alerter. The Altimeter is 6.86 inches long, 3.26 inches wide, 3.26 inches high and weighs 2.85 pounds.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberBezel ColorRange (Feet)Alert LightWhite LightingLighting VoltageBlue/White LightingBaro-corrector DisplaysPower Digitizer & vibratorBoeing/Beech Specs
570-24929-001Gray-1K to 50KNoneYes5VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-002Black-1K to 50KNoneYes5VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-003Gray-1K to 50K28VYes5VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-004Black-1K to 50K28VYes5VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-005Gray-1K to 50KNoneYes28VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-006Black-1K to 50KNoneYes28VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-007Gray-1K to 50K28VYes28VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-008Black-1K to 50K28VYes28VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-011Gray-1K to 50KNoneNo5VYesIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-012Black-1K to 50KNoneNo5VYesIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-013Gray-1K to 50K28VNo5VYesIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-014Black-1K to 50K28VNo5VYesIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-015Gray-1K to 50KNoneNo28VYesIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-016Black-1K to 50KNoneNo28VYesIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-017Gray-1K to 50K28VNo28VYesIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-018Black-1K to 50K28VNo28VYesIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-021Gray-1K to 50KNoneYes5VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-022Black-1K to 50KNoneYes5VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-023Gray-1K to 50K5VYes5VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-024Black-1K to 50K5VYes5VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-025Gray-1K to 50KNoneYes28VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-026Black-1K to 50KNoneYes28VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-027Gray-1K to 50K5VYes28VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-028Black-1K to 50K5VYes28VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-029Gray-1K to 50K5VNo5VYesIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-030Black-1K to 50K5VNo5VYesIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-031Gray-1K to 50KNoneYes5VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-032Black-1K to 50KNoneYes5VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-101Gray-1K to 50KNoneYes5VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-102Black-1K to 50KNoneYes5VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-103Gray-1K to 50K28VYes5VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-104Black-1K to 50K28VYes5VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-105Gray-1K to 50KNoneYes5VNoIn. hg & millibars28VBeech Spec BS-22515B
570-24929-106Black-1K to 50KNoneYes5VNoIn. hg & millibars28VBeech Spec BS-22515B
570-24929-201Gray-1K to 50KNoneYes14VNoIn. hg & millibars14VNo
570-24929-202Black-1K to 50KNoneYes14VNoIn. hg & millibars14VNo
570-24929-203Gray-1K to 50K14VYes14VNoIn. hg & millibars14VNo
570-24929-204Black-1K to 50K14VYes14VNoIn. hg & millibars14VNo
570-24929-211Gray-1K to 50KNoneNo14VYesIn. hg & millibars14VNo
570-24929-212Black-1K to 50KNoneNo14VYesIn. hg & millibars14VNo
570-24929-213Gray-1K to 50K14VNo14VYesIn. hg & millibars14VNo
570-24929-214Black-1K to 50K14VNo14VYesIn. hg & millibars14VNo
570-24929-301Gray-1K to 50KNoneYes14VNoIn. hg & millibars14VNo
570-24929-302Black-1K to 50KNoneYes14VNoIn. hg & millibars14VNo
570-24929-303Gray-1K to 50K14VYes14VNoIn. hg & millibars14VNo
570-24929-304Black-1K to 50K14VYes14VNoIn. hg & millibars14VNo
570-24929-311Gray-1K to 50KNoneNo14VYesIn. hg & millibars14VNo
570-24929-312Black-1K to 50KNoneNo14VYesIn. hg & millibars14VNo
570-24929-313Gray-1K to 50K14VNo14VYesIn. hg & millibars14VNo
570-24929-314Black-1K to 50K14VNo14VYesIn. hg & millibars14VNo
570-24929-401Gray-1K to 50KNoneYes28VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-402Black-1K to 50KNoneYes28VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-403Gray-1K to 50K28VYes28VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-404Black-1K to 50K28VYes28VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-411Gray-1K to 50KNoneNo28VYesIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-412Black-1K to 50KNoneNo28VYesIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-413Gray-1K to 50K28VNo28VYesIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-414Black-1K to 50K28VNo28VYesIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-501Gray-1K to 50KNoneYes14VNoIn. hg & millibars28VBoeing Spec D6-5472
570-24929-502Black-1K to 50KNoneYes14VNoIn. hg & millibars28VBoeing Spec D6-5472
570-24929-519Gray-1K to 50K28VNo5VYesIn. hg only28VNo
570-24929-520Black-1K to 50K28VNo5VYesIn. hg only28VNo
570-24929-521Gray-1K to 50K28VNo5VYesIn. hg only28VNo
570-24929-522Black-1K to 50K28VNo5VYesIn. hg only28VNo
570-24929-529Gray-1K to 50K28VNo5VYesIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-530Black-1K to 50K28VNo5VYesIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-531Gray-1K to 50K28VNo5VYesIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-532Black-1K to 50K28VNo5VYesIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-923Gray-1K to 50K28VYes28VNoIn. hg only28VNo
570-24929-924Black-1K to 50K28VYes28VNoIn. hg only28VNo
570-24929-933Gray-1K to 50K28VYes28VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo
570-24929-934Black-1K to 50K28VYes28VNoIn. hg & millibars28VNo