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Model Number: ADF60A
Description: ADF RECEIVER
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Categories ADF
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Product Details

The ADF60A is a remotely mounted ADF receiver that provides relative bearing between the aircraft and the selected ground station. The ADF60A also provides an output to the aircraft audio system for verifying the station identifier and for AM reception. Part of the Collins Pro Line II Comm/Nav/Pulse system. The ADF60A Receiver is completely solid state and contains no moving parts. The receiver contains all frequency,tuner, instrumentation and logic circuits required to convert the radio frequency input from the ANT60( ) Antenna into bearing information and an audio output when used in the ADF function, or into an audio output when operating in the ANT function. A TONE mode is provided for CW reception. The ADF-60A Receiver contains an AC synchro driver board as part of the front panel assembly. The ADF-60A allows for detection to demodulate bearing signal for reduced bearing errors and safety hazards caused by adjacent channel signals.

Th ADF-60A eliminates all electromechanical components found in older ADF systems and features modular construction for streamlined bench test service. The ADF-60A receiver employs conventional three-wire AC synchro outputs for use with standard RMIs. An optional dual element antenna, the ANT-60B, is also available to further simplify the installation of dual ADF-60A systems. This antenna combines both loop and sense functions for two ADF-60A systems within one housing. The ADF60A Receiver is constructed as a 3/8ATR lowprofile case that measures 89 (h) × 91 (w) × 356 (l) mm (3.5 (h) × 3.6 (w) × 14.0 (l) in). All dimensions are nominal. The receiver weighs 1.91 kg (4.2 lb) maximum and is mounted in a 390R19 or UMT12 mount with or without vibration isolators. The unit is painted black to conform to requirements of FEDSTD595.