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Model Number: RMI36
Description: RMI
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Product Details

The RMI-36 Radio Magnetic Indicator provides aircraft heading information on a calibrated servo-driven compass card read against a fixed lubber line. A heading flag monitors servo error, compass valid, and instrument power. Bearing to either ADF or VOR stations is provided by two pointers, each of which is read against the compass card.  Each pointer may be switched independently of the other to a separated ADF or VOR receiver by an annunciation distance if equal to or greater than 100 miles and indicated to the nearest tenth mile below 100 miles. Pointers operate in dual systems employing split 400-Hz power supplies. There are two identical channels in the RMI to drive their receptive pointers. Each channel can accept ADF or VOR in either 3- wire or 2 wire form.Two power supplies are used in the RMI-36 and RMI section of the BDI-36. The main supply is a series shunt regulator that splits the 28-V dc input power to produce a 14-V dc regulated output. There are two electrically identical ADF/ VOR boards in the RMI-36. The RMI-36 requires the following equipment to properly operate the VIR-30A/31A/32/432 Navigation Receiver and antenna, ADF-60/462 or DF-206 ADF system, MC-103 Compass System and Interconnecting Cables.The RMI-36 is available with 5 or 28 Volt, Blue-White or Unfiltered White Lighting. The measurements for the RMI-36 are height 3.365 inches, width 3.365 inches, length 7.33 inches (from rear edge mounting flange to rear of case), and 2.8 lbs.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberBezel Lighting/ VoltagePointer #1 Pointer #2 Screw Lock Slide Lock Bootstrap Transmitter
622-2506-001Black28V, Blue-WhiteADF- YellowADF-GreenNoYesNo
622-2506-002Black5V, Blue-WhiteADF- YellowADF-GreenNoYesNo
622-2506-003Black28V, Blue-WhiteADF- YellowADF-GreenNoYesYes
622-2506-004Black5V, Blue-WhiteADF- YellowADF-GreenNoYesYes
622-2506-005Gray28V, Blue-WhiteADF- YellowADF-GreenNoYesNo
622-2506-006Gray5V, Blue-WhiteADF- YellowADF-GreenNoYesNo
622-2506-007Gray28V, Blue-WhiteADF- YellowADF-GreenNoYesYes
622-2506-008Gray5V, Blue-WhiteADF- YellowADF-GreenNoYesYes
622-2506-009Black5V, Unfiltered WhiteADF- YellowADF-GreenNoYesYes
622-2506-010Gray5V, Unfiltered WhiteADF- YellowADF-GreenYesNoYes
622-2506-011Gray5V, Unfiltered WhiteADF- YellowADF -GreenNoYesNo
622-2506-012Black5V, Blue-WhiteADF-WhiteTCN WhiteNoYesYes
622-2506-013Gray5V, Blue-WhiteADF-WhiteADF-WhiteNoYesNo
622-2506-014Black28V, Blue-WhiteADF- YellowADF -GreenNoYesYes
622-2506-101Black28V, Blue-WhiteTCN-YellowADF -GreenNoYesNo
622-2506-102Black5V, Blue-WhiteTCN-YellowADF -GreenNoYesNo
622-2506-103Black28V, Blue-WhiteTCN-YellowADF-GreenNoYesYes
622-2506-104Black5V, Blue-WhiteTCN-YellowADF-GreenNoYesYes
622-2506-105Gray28V, Blue-WhiteTCN-YellowADF-GreenNoYesNo
622-2506-106Gray5V, Blue-WhiteTCN-YellowADF-GreenNoYesNo
622-2506-107Gray28V, Blue-WhiteTCN-YellowADF-GreenNoYesYes
622-2506-108Gray5V, Blue-WhiteTCN-YellowADF-GreenNoYesYes
622-2506-109Black5V, Unfiltered WhiteTCN-YellowADF-GreenNoYesYes
622-2506-110Gray5V, Unfiltered WhiteTCN-YellowADF-GreenYesNoYes
622-2506-111Gray5V, Unfiltered WhiteTCN-YellowADF-GreenNoYesNo