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Model Number: ADI55V
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Product Details

The Collins ADI-55V Attitude Director Indicator provides a pictorial display aircraft attitude and flight director information in a forward-looking, symbolic, 3-dimensional display. The ADI-55V displays pitch and roll attitude, speed deviation, glideslope and localizer deviation, lateral acceleration, decision height annunciation, rate of turn, pitch and roll commands, radio altitude from 200 feet to touchdown, and failure warnings.

The ADI-55V variations include the glideslope and speed deviation pointers being reversed; a variation has a push-to-cancel DH light/switch for turning off the Decision Height light; variations in the ATT flag legend to GYRO, VERT flag legend is GS, and blank shutter is labeled R/T (rate-of-turn). The ADI-55V bezel is 5.06 inches high by 5.06 inches wide, while the case is 4.975 inches high, 4.975 inches wide and 8.5 inches long weighing a max of 8 pounds. The ADI-55V operating temperature is -15°C to +71°C with an altitude range of -1,000 feet to +50,000 feet. The ADI-55V is designed to be either front or rear mounted per ARINC Specification 408.