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Model Number: VIR32
Description: NAV RECEIVER
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Categories Nav/Comm/GPS
Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details

The VIR-32 Navigation receiver is a fully digital VOR/LOC, glideslope (GS), and marker-beacon (MB) receiver. The VIR-32 is part of the Collins Proline II series. The VIR-32 provides serial-digital I/O interface and features a digital signal processing technique for improved performance. The unit also accepts conventional 2 X 5 tuning and provides conventional sine/cosine outputs. The VIR-32 may be installed as a direct replacement for the Collins VIR-30A Navigation Receiver. The retrofit configuration shows the VIR-32 replacing a VIR-30A in an existing installation with conventional instrumentation and a parallel tune control unit. The serial control configuration shows the VIR-32 with a serial frequency control unit and conventional instrumentation. The all-digital configuration shows the VIR-32 with a serial frequency control unit and an electronic HSI. Microprocessor technology allows a variety of interface and installation options as well as full-time monitoring and self-diagnostic capabilities. The VIR-432/433 Navigation Receiver is a VOR/LOC, glideslope (GS), and marker beacon (MB) receiver featuring digital instrumentation. Navigation information is supplied from two CSDB and two ARINC 429 ports. Marker beacon audio, marker beacon lamp, and VOR/LOC audio outputs are also provided. The VIR-32/33 and VIR-432/433 have mount programmable options for rotor modulation filtering, up/left or down/right self-test response, and continuous/burst tune select.

The VIR-32 Navigation Receiver is used with an RMI, a frequency control unit, three antennas, and an HSI to compute and depict the navigation situation. The VIR-32 accepts either 2-out-of-5 parallel or RD-422A serial-digital tuning data from a frequency control unit. The receiver provides conventional analog outputs as well as dual digital data bus outputs. The VIR-32 is certified for use in piston or turbine, fixed or rotary wing aircrafts.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberSB 23Input/output DataImmunity of FM Interference
622-6137-001NoAnalog and CSDB FormatNo
622-6137-002YesAnalog and CSDB FormatYes