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Model Number: EFD74
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Categories EFIS
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Product Details

The EFD-74 is a panel-mounted, high-resolution, multi-color CRT display unit. It contains a CRT assembly, deflection yoke, video amplifiers, horizontal and vertical deflection amplifiers, a phosphor protection circuit, and high-voltage and low-voltage power supplies. Stroke writing techniques for drawing lines and characters are used to provide sharp alphanumerics and symbols with greater than normal illumination. The CRT is a custom designed, high-resolution unit using three in-line guns and a black matrix shadow mask. The inline guns allow for convergence correction to be included in the deflection yoke and eliminate the requirement for dynamic convergence circuits. A multi-bandpass optical filter enhances contrast and sunlight visibility. The filter has three optical band passes which are matched to the wavelength of the tube phosphors. A high-efficiency anti-reflective coating is deposited on the front of the filter. Horizontal and vertical deflection amplifiers provide the drive currents to the deflection yoke. The yoke magnetically deflects the electron beam to the proper position on the active phosphor area. The deflection yoke is designed to be self-converging, which eliminates the need for added electronic circuits to adjust convergence. The video and deflection power supplies and the high-voltage power supply provide the necessary voltages to operate the EFD-74. The primary power input to the EFD-74 is +28 V dc from the aircraft power bus. The EFD-74 can be front-mounted with or without a mooring plate or rear mounted using a mooring plate. The EFD-74 is convection cooled with forced-air cooling, although not required, but strongly recommended to improve reliability. The primary requirement for the EFD-74 is to provide the maximum convective cooling air path for the system during the design of the aircraft instrument panel area. The EFD-74 should be mounted in the flight instrument panel under the attitude director indicator where it is close to, and slightly below, the pilot's line of vision.

Part Number Differences:
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