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Model Number: IND42A
Description: DME INDICATOR
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Categories DME, Indicators
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Product Details

The IND-42A Distance Measuring Equipment Indicator is a panel mounted instrument designed for general aviation aircrafts. The IND-42A is used in a single DME/dual control installation for the display of the distance and other computed data from either of the three channels.The IND-42A is used with the DME-42/DME-442 transceivers to provide slant range distance between the aircraft and selected ground DME/TACAN stations .The transfer of data from DME-42/DME-442 to the IND-42A requires a specific timing sequence and structure the data is received in an asynchronous serial format at a rate of 12.5kb/second. The IND-42A displays distance in nautical miles and ground speed in knots. The IND-42A displays distance to the nearest 0.1nmi if the distance is less than 200nmi or the nearest 1 mile is greater than 200nmi. However applying a ground to the external auto range strap will cause the unit to display 0.01nmi increments if the distance is less than 20nmi. The IND-42A indicates distance in three and one half characters on the left side. The four characters on the right side display station ident, time to station or ground speed. The right side display and annunciator is selectable by means of the SEL pushbutton. The most common display for the  IND-42A is distance on the left, station identification on the right with either 1 or 2 channels, annunciator KM for distance and ID for station ident annunciation.

 The IND-42A requires no special cooling considerations but recommends the unit be mounted in such a manner so as to minimize the risk of foreign matter entering the unit.The IND-42C indicator appears the same as the IND-42A with the exception that it does not have a channel select switch.The IND-42A comes in a compact size for minimal panel space usage and can be front or rear mounted weight is 0.192lb.The IND-42A is sequentially control by the channel button to indicate which DME channel is providing the information being displayed in the numeric and alphanumeric displays. The IND-42A is available with a black or gray bezel and 5V or 28V lighting.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberLighting VoltagePanel ColorMultichannelDirect CurrentAlternating Current
622-6524-00428VBlackYesNot SpecifiedNot Specified