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Model Number: EFD86A
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Categories EFIS
Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details

The EFD-86 is a panel-mounted CRT instrument that may be used as either an Electronic Attitude Director Indicator (EADI) or Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator (EHSI). When used as an EADI, the EFD-86 selectively displays the following: pitch and roll attitude, steering commands, vertical deviation, localizer deviation, autopilot mode, radio altitude, decision height, marker beacon and fast-slow deviation. When used as an EHSI, the EFD-86 provides a display which has two basic modes: full compass rose and compass sector.The EFD-86 displays information generated by the DPU-85/86 display processor unit. Displays intensity is controlled from the DCP-85 or from the installer-supplied dimming potentiometers if DCP-86 is used.The EFD-86 requires forced air cooling, the unit is capable of operating for a short time at the elevated operating temperature specified.

The EFD-86 requires electrical connections that are made through a 41-pin circular, bayonet locking-type connector on the rear of the case. Inside the unit is a CRT, deflection yoke, video, and deflection amplifier and high-voltage power supply. The EFD-86 contains a Rockwell Collins specified custom high resolution color cathode ray tube(CRT). The tube has an in-line gun with shadow mask using a black matrix surrounding pigmented phosphor dot trios providing high resolution and contrast ratio.