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Model Number: TCR230
Description: TRANSCEIVER
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Categories Comm Transceiver
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Product Details

The TCR-230 Transceiver is a solid-state, single-sideband receiver-exciter capable of being programmed to channels spaced 100 Hz apart over the frequency range of 2.0 to 29.9999 mHz. The exciter portion of the TCR-230 is capable of 250-milliwatt peak envelope power output and is designed to drive the 100-watt, solid-state PWR-230 Power Amplifier. Capability for USB, LSB, AM (equivalent), TEL SUP CAR (USB with suppressed carrier) and TEL PLT CAR (USB with 18 ±2-dB pilot carrier) operation is provided. All mechanical tuning is eliminated by the use of an up-converting front end and a crystal bandpass filter. All injection frequencies are obtained from an internal digital frequency synthesizer.

The TCR-230 operates as part of the HF-230 High Frequency Communications System. The CTL-230 HF Control is used to control and select any frequency in 100-Hz steps over the 2.0- to 29.9999-mHz frequency range. The CTL-230 contains nonvolatile memory capable of storing up to 40 user-programmed channels plus read-only memory contained all ITU channels already programmed. The 40 user channels may be programmed with any frequency and mode selection desired at any time without special equipment. The TCR-230 Transceiver is built in an aluminum chassis 4.0 inches wide, 5.0 inches high, 11.08 inches deep weighing 5.9 pounds. The TCR-230 operates in a max altitude of +55,000 feet and a continuous operating temperature range of -55ºC to +55ºC.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberSelective CallingNarrow Bandpass FilterConstant Audio Output