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Model Number: CTL230
Description: HF CONTROL
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details

The Rockwell Collins CTL-230 HF Control is a solid state full frequency control for use with the TCR-230 Transceiver and PWR-230 Power Amplifier. The CTL-230 is part of the HF-230 High-Frequency Communications System. The HF-230 is designed for both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. The HF-230 operates throughout the standard hf radio spectrum and provides communications capability anywhere in the world.

The operating temperature range of the CTL-230 is -20°C to +70°C and the altitude range is -15,000 to +35,000 feet. The variations of CTL-230 include black or gray knob color, black or gray panel color, lighting voltage of 5V or 28V and blue-white or white lighting color. The CTL-230 -021 thru -028 include SB 2 installed which include updates to the ITU Channel Frequencies.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberKnob ColorPanel ColorLighting VoltageLighting ColorSB 2 Installed
622-6614-001BlackBlack5 VBlue-WhiteNo
622-6614-002BlackGray5 VBlue-WhiteNo
622-6614-003BlackBlack28 VBlue-WhiteNo
622-6614-004BlackGray28 VBlue-WhiteNo
622-6614-005BlackBlack5 VWhiteNo
622-6614-006BlackGray5 VWhiteNo
622-6614-007BlackBlack28 VWhiteNo
622-6614-008BlackGray28 VWhiteNo
622-6614-021BlackBlack5 VBlue-WhiteYes
622-6614-022BlackGray5 VBlue-WhiteYes
622-6614-023BlackBlack28 VBlue-WhiteYes
622-6614-024BlackGray28 VBlue-WhiteYes
622-6614-025BlackBlack5 VWhiteYes
622-6614-026BlackGray5 VWhiteYes
622-6614-027BlackBlack28 VWhiteYes
622-6614-028BlackGray28 VWhiteYes