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Model Number: PWR230
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Categories Amplifier
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Product Details

The PWR-230 is a solid-state full frequency AM/SSB power amplifier. The PWR-230 is part of the Collins HF-230 High-Frequency Communications System. The HF-230 is designed for both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. Operating throughout the standard hf radio spectrum, the HF-230 provides communications capability anywhere in the world. Microprocessor control of vital frequency and mode selection functions provides the user with up to 40 programmable channel, greater ease of programming or changing these channels on the ground or in the air, and direct access to a full 280,000 operating frequencies (in 1OO-Hz steps) spaced over the 2.0- to 29.9999-MHz operating range. In addition, 176 half-duplex ITU maritime radiotelephone channels (public correspondence network) are permanently programmed into nonvolatile memory, permitting phone patch capability over thousands of miles.

The HF-230 system consists of a CTL- 230, TCR-230 Transceiver, PWR-230 Power Amplifier and a full range of accessory automatic antenna couplers. The purpose of the PWR-230 is to provide an hf power amplifier capable of producing 100-watts pep with an average of 25 watts of rf output over the frequency range from 2 to 29.9999 MHz.

The remote mounted PWR-230 amplifies the low-level rf signal from the TCR-230 into a 100-watt peak envelope power transmitted signal when operating in ssb or a 25-watt average signal in AM operation. The PWR-230 automatically tunes to any frequency in the operating range of the HF-230 system. The rf output from the PWR-230 is fed to the optional antenna coupler. The PWR-230 is built on an aluminum chassis and is 5.04 in high maximum, 5 in wide, 11.08 in long maximum and weighing 7.25 pounds approximately . The PWR-230 has a maximum altitude of +55,000 feet. The PWR-230 is convection cooled with an operating temperature of -55°C to + 55 °C.

Frequency Bands of PWR-230:

Band 1 2 to 2.9999 MHz
Band 2 3 to 3.9999 MHz
Band 3 4 to 5.9999 MHz
Band 4 6 to 8.9999 MHz
Band 5 9 to 13.9999 MHz
Band 6 14 to 22.9999 MHz
Band 7 23 to 29.9999 MHz