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Model Number: WXT250B
Description: RADAR R/T
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Categories Radar Equipment
Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details

The WXT-250B Weather Radar Receiver- transmitter is a portion of the WXR-250A, WXR-270/270A, WXR-300, and WXR-350 Weather Radar Systems. The WXT-250B contains the receiver-transmitter circuitry plus the power supply for the entire system. The Weather Radar Systems are designed to detect and display weather conditions ahead and 60 degrees either side of the aircraft heading to a maximum range of 240, 250, or 300 nautical miles.

The WXT-250B generates high energy radio frequency pulses that are radiated by the antenna.  The task of the WXT-250B and antenna is to detect the reflected energy and provide a measure of the intensity discrimination. The indicator measures the time lag between pulse-transmit and reflection received. The WXT-250B height is 4.980 inches, width is 5.022 inches, length 12.535 inches and the weight is 8.8 pounds.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberOperating Frequency
622-7337-0019345 ± 30 MHz
622-7337-0029345 ± 11 MHz