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Model Number: ADC85
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Product Details

The Rockwell Collins ADC-85 Air Data Computer is an airborne, solid-state air data computer that is part of the ADS-85 Air Data System. The ADC-85 Air Data Computer senses, computes, and displays parameters associated with air mass such as total air temperature, vertical speed, Mach, indicated airspeed reference ranges, pre-selected altitude, static air temperature, pressure altitude, maximum airspeed, true airspeed, indicated airspeed reference markers, barometric corrected altitude, Mach reference, vertical speed reference, indicated airspeed and indicated airspeed reference.

The ADS-85 Air Data System provides an instrument grade primary air data source that interfaces with air data display instruments and is capable of providing flight control integrated operation with a flight director or autopilot. Outputs are also available that allow interfacing with various flight data recorders,altitude transponders, ground proximity warning systems, auxiliary aircraft subsystems and navigation computers. The air data parameters are converted to digital data words for display on the air data instruments and for output to the Electronic Flight Instrument System, navigation systems and flight control.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberHIRF ProtectedInternal Ferrite FiltersConfigured for Various AircraftImproved Calibration Capability and Robust Monitoring
622-8051-002Yes W/ Separate Cable Filter AssemblyNoNoNo
622-8051-003Yes W/O Separate Cable Filter AssemblyYesNoNo
622-8051-004Yes W/ Separate Cable Filter AssemblyNoYesYes
622-8051-005Yes W/O Separate Cable Filter AssemblyYesYesYes