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Model Number: TTR920
Description: TCAS II R/T
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Categories Receiver-Transceiver
Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details

The TTR-920 Transmitter-Receiver contains circuits for receiving, transmitting, signal processing (including computing), and interfacing with other components of the TCAS-94 system. A frequency source generates 1030 MHz for the transmitter output and receiver local oscillator with a receive frequency of 1090 MHz. The receiver has four individual RF and IF sections, one for each of the four directional segments of the TRE-920 directional antenna. At the receiver detector, the signals are combined to allow received-signal bearing information to be determined. This information is passed to the signal processor. The transmitter is a six-stage, solid-state circuit that develops 1800 watts. The phase of the four output signals shapes and points the beams, or generates an omnidirectional pattern. The TTR-920 requires two antennas; one must be mounted on top of the aircraft fuselage and the other on the bottom.

All TTR-920 units require ARINC 429 control format. Control data is generated in the TCAS control and is supplied through the active Mode S transponder. The TTR-920 is 7.64 inches in height, 7.77 inches in width, 15.26 inches in length, and weighs 19.8 pounds max requiring convection cooling and not forced air.

 Part Number Differences:
Part NumberSB InstalledAC or DCVoltage PowerBITE for ABD0048Alternate AOA TableExpanded MemorySoftwareSpecific Aircraft UsageAural Message Active Down to 500 Ft
622-8971-001NoneAC115 V, 400 HzNoNoNoObsoleteNot SpecifiedNo
622-8971-0026AC115 V, 400 HzNoNoNoObsoleteNot SpecifiedNo
622-8971-0117AC115 V, 400 HzNoNoNoObsoleteNot SpecifiedNo
622-8971-0121-10, A-DAC115 V, 400 HzNoNoNoObsoleteNot SpecifiedNo
622-8971-0141-10, A-DAC115 V, 400 HzYesYesYesChange 7.0Not SpecifiedNo
622-8971-0201-10, A-D, 16AC115 V, 400 HzNoNoNo6.04A Enhanced Not SpecifiedNo
622-8971-0221-10, A-D, RAC115 V, 400 HzNoNoNoChange 7.0Not SpecifiedNo
622-8971-1026DC28 VNoNoNoObsoleteNot SpecifiedNo
622-8971-1117DC28 VNoNoNoObsoleteNot SpecifiedNo
622-8971-1121-10, A-DDC28 VNoNoNoObsoleteNot SpecifiedNo
622-8971-1201-10, 16, A-DDC28 VNoNoNo6.04A EnhancedNot SpecifiedNo
622-8971-1221-10, A-D, RDC28 VNoNoNoChange 7.0Not SpecifiedNo
622-8971-32018DC28 VYesYesYes6.04A Enhanced Not SpecifiedNo
622-8971-322UDC28 VYesYesYesChange 7.0Not SpecifiedNo
622-8971-420FDC28 VNoNoNo6.04A Enhanced Not SpecifiedNo
622-8971-422F, RDC28 VNoNoNoChange 7.0Not SpecifiedNo
622-8971-500Not SpecifiedAC115 V, 400 HzNoNoNo6.04A Enhanced Not SpecifiedNo
622-8971-522TAC115 V, 400 HzNoNoNoChange 7.0Not SpecifiedNo
622-8971-6121-10, A-DDC28 VNoNoNo6.04A Enhanced I1-96 aircraftNo
622-8971-6201-10, 16, A-DDC28 VNoNoNo6.04A EnhancedI1-96 aircraftNo
622-8971-6221-10, A-D, RDC28 VNoNoNoChange 7.0I1-96 aircraftNo
622-8971-700Not SpecifiedAC115 V, 400 HzNoNoNo6.04A Enhanced Douglas MD-11No
622-8971-82016DC28 VNoNoNo6.04A Enhanced Not SpecifiedYes