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Model Number: TRE920
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Categories Antennas
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Product Details

TRE-920 TCAS Directional Antenna is part of the Rockwell Collins TCAS-94 system. The TCAS-94 system consists of the TTR-920/TTR-921 TCAS Receiver-Transmitter, two TRE-920 TCAS Directional Antennas (or one TRE-920 and one omnidirectional L-band antenna), two Mode S diversity transponders (or one Mode S diversity and one no diversity) with antennas and the TCAS Control. The TCAS-94 equipped aircraft transmits an interrogation signal, the transponder addressed aircraft replies, as the reply signal is received through the TRE-920 directional antenna, and processing circuits in the TTR-920/TTR-921 determine the direction of the aircraft.

The TRE-920 directional antenna mounts on the top and bottom of an aircraft and connects to the TTR-920/921 receiver-transmitter. There are no operator controls or adjustments on the TRE-920 antenna. The TRE-920 directional antenna requires four antenna cables. . The weight for the TRE-920 is 2.1lb, measurements are height 1.30in, width 6.30in, and length 11.2in.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberCooling Required Mounting BaseMounting Screw HolesAntenna Cables Required Omnidirectional & Vertically Polarized Patterns
622-8973-002NoRadius 81"4YesYes
622-8973-003NoRadius 74"4YesYes
622-8973-004NoRadius 111"4YesYes
622-8973-101NoNot Specified4YesYes
622-8973-103NoNot Specified4YesYes
622-8973-104NoRadius 111"8YesYes