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Model Number: TVI920
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Product Details

The TVI-920 VSI/RA/TA Indicator is an active matrix liquid crystal display, optimized for best viewing angle and contrast. It incorporates all common electrical interfaces for the vertical speed functions and has an air pressure sensor for direct connection to the aircraft static system. The TVI-902D displays conventional vertical speed functions along with traffic information and resolution advisories. Traffic advisories call attention to a developing collision threat by using the TVI-920/920D VSI/RA/TA Indicator, EFIS MFD or Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator (EHSI), or radar display. This permits mental and physical preparation for a possible maneuver to follow and assists the pilot in achieving visual acquisition of the threatening aircraft. Resolution advisories recommend a vertical speed strategy to provide adequate vertical separation from the threatening intruder. This can be a recommendation to maintain the present vertical speed. The advisory is conditioned to prevent initiation of a maneuver that might expose the aircraft to additional threatening conditions. All resolution advisories are inhibited below 1000 feet agl. The TVI-920 is part of the TCAS-94 system that aids the flight crew by detection the presence of nearby aircraft and providing a warning when the proximity of that aircraft is determined to be a safety threat. The TCAS interrogates the transponders in the surrounding aircraft and uses the replies from those transponders to compute their flight path. From this data, the TCAS evaluates the potential threat.

The TVI-920 has a full color flat panel LCD display that is optimized for wide viewing angles and high contrast displaying conventional vertical speed functions along with traffic information and resolution advisories. The TVI-920 has an air pressure sensor for direct connection to the aircraft static system. The TVI-920 is convection cooled and is packaged in a standard three-inch (3ATI) aircraft instrument case for easy retrofit of conventional vertical speed indicators. The AC-powered TVI-920 has a DC-powered version the TVI-920D that is also available.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberControl Push Button ModeControl Push Button Above/BelowControl Push Button RangeDigital VS Input FormatBezel ColorMay be Replaced byInterchangeable Number
622-9353-003NoNoNoARINC 419/429BrownNone622-9353-005
622-9353-005NoNoNoARINC 419/429BrownNone622-9353-003
622-9353-011NoNoNoARINC 419/429Black622-9353-113None
622-9353-013NoNoNoARINC 419/429Black622-9353-113622-9353-015
622-9353-015NoNoNoARINC 419/429BlackNone622-9353-013
622-9353-021NoNoNoARINC 419/429Gray622-9353-123None
622-9353-023NoNoNoARINC 419/429Gray622-9353-123622-9353-025
622-9353-025NoNoNoARINC 419/429GrayNone622-9353-023
622-9353-111NoNoNoARINC 419/429Black622-9353-113None
622-9353-113NoNoNoARINC 419/429BlackNone622-9353-115
622-9353-115NoNoNoARINC 419/429BlackNone622-9353-113
622-9353-121NoNoNoARINC 419/429Gray622-9353-123None
622-9353-123NoNoNoARINC 419/429GrayNone622-9353-125
622-9353-125NoNoNoARINC 419/429GrayNone622-9353-123
622-9353-211YesNoYesARINC 419/429Black622-9353-413None
622-9353-213YesNoYesARINC 419/429Black622-9353-413622-9353-215
622-9353-215YesNoYesARINC 419/429BlackNone622-9353-213
622-9353-221YesNoYesARINC 419/429Gray622-9353-423None
622-9353-223YesNoYesARINC 419/429Gray622-9353-423622-9353-225
622-9353-225YesNoYesARINC 419/429GrayNone622-9353-223
622-9353-311NoYesYesARINC 419/429Black622-9353-313None
622-9353-313NoYesYesARINC 419/429BlackNone622-9353-315
622-9353-315NoYesYesARINC 419/429BlackNone622-9353-313
622-9353-321NoYesYesARINC 419/429Gray622-9353-323None
622-9353-323NoYesYesARINC 419/429GrayNone622-9353-325
622-9353-325NoYesYesARINC 419/429GrayNone622-9353-323
622-9353-403YesNoYesARINC 419/429BrownNone622-9353-405
622-9353-405YesNoYesARINC 419/429BrownNone622-9353-403
622-9353-411YesNoYesARINC 419/429Black622-9353-413None
622-9353-413YesNoYesARINC 419/429BlackNone622-9353-415
622-9353-415YesNoYesARINC 419/429BlackNone622-9353-413
622-9353-421YesNoYesARINC 419/429Gray622-9353-423None
622-9353-423YesNoYesARINC 419/429GrayNone622-9353-425
622-9353-425YesNoYesARINC 419/429GrayNone622-9353-423
622-9353-623YesNoYesARINC 419/429GrayNone622-9353-625
622-9353-625YesNoYesARINC 419/429GrayNone622-9353-623