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Model Number: ED600
Manufacturer HONEYWELL
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Categories EFIS
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Product Details

The ED-600 is a component of the EDZ-600 EFIS system. The ED-600 is a 4.7x 5 in electronic display that uses a high resolution CRT to present ADI or HSI information. When the display is used as an ADI, an inclinometer is attached to the bezel. The ED-600 is panel mounted and consists of four electronic component plug-in assemblies, a low voltage power supply assembly, and a high voltage power supply assembly. Interconnection is provided by a harness which utilized solder-less wire-wrap connections.

 The ED-600 is capable of operating in either raster scan or stroke writing modes. In the stroke writing mode, the deflection amplifiers operate as current output power stages. The deflection yoke currents are sampled and fed back to the input of the power states to provide deflection amplifiers for each mode of operation. The deflection amplifier output stages, in both the vertical and horizontal axes, are constructed using complementary power transistors for high power gain, hence reduced component count. Circuitry is contained within the deflection system to provide for the “pincushion” linearity correction required by the CRT physical geometry. All of the display unit deflection signals are fed through a multiplexer. This allows the display to be driven from two different symbol generators as required when operating in the reversionary mode.  The maximum weight for the ED-600 is 9.2 pounds. The ED-600 measurements are as follows width 5.05 In. length is 10.50 In. and height is 4.70 In.

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