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Model Number: ID802
Manufacturer HONEYWELL
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Categories Display Panel
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Product Details

The ID-802 Advisory Display shows four lines of systems mode and status information on a 1.32 inch by 3.20 inch CRT screen. The ID-802 interacts with the Flight Control System to notify the pilot of any advisories being issued. The first and third lines are displayed in white, the second line in amber, and the fourth line in green. The RESET button is common on all displays and allows the pilot to clear a continuous or flashing amber caution message from the CRT. The RESET button requires one or two pushes to clear the caution message. The L SEL, L AFCS, R SEL, R AFCS, or B AFCS function keys allow the pilot to manually select the left or right flight guidance computer. The BRT knob allows for varying the intensity of the CRT display and replaces the test function key. The ID-802 is 9.00 inches long from the rear of the bezel, 6.08 inches wide, 2.28 inches high and weighs 4.5 pounds. The ID-802 comes with 5 VDC or 28 VDC variations in the panel lighting voltage as well as black or gray variations in the panel color. The ID-802 can be used in an ATR-42/72 aircraft.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberPanel ColorLeft Function KeyRight Function KeyPanel Lighting Voltage
7003652-601GrayL SELR SEL5 VDC
7003652-602BlackL SELR SEL5 VDC
7003652-603GrayL SELR SEL28 VDC
7003652-604BlackL SELR SEL28 VDC
7003652-611GrayL AFCSR AFCS5 VDC
7003652-612BlackL AFCSR AFCS5 VDC
7003652-613GrayL AFCSR AFCS28 VDC
7003652-614BlackL AFCSR AFCS28 VDC
7003652-621GrayAFCSB AFCS5 VDC
7003652-622BlackAFCSB AFCS5 VDC
7003652-623GrayAFCSB AFCS28 VDC
7003652-624BlackAFCSB AFCS28 VDC
7003652-631GrayL AFCSR AFCS5 VDC
7003652-632BlackL AFCSR AFCS5 VDC
7003652-633GrayL AFCSR AFCS28 VDC
7003652-634BlackL AFCSR AFCS28 VDC