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Model Number: WI650
Manufacturer HONEYWELL
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Categories Radar Equipment
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Product Details

The WI-650 incorporates a full color digital weather radar display system and weather radar control functions. Both weather display and ground mapping functions are provided. The WI-650 features electronic display or range, mode, and status information as well as system fault analysis display and maintenance memory. The WI-650 indicator interfaces with the remainder of the system through serial data and control bused, and to auxiliary systems such as DATA NAV, EGPWS, or LSS through a standard universal digital interface (UDI) port for non-weather related navigational data, terrain avoidance data, or lightning detection. Anti-reflectant coating is used on the WI-650 to help cut down on glare. The WI-650 indicator contains a complete set of system operating controls and is used in systems without controllers. The WI-650 indicator is available in two bezels colors, gray and black. The WI-650 is designed for instrument-panel mounting. Target inputs are displayed on a rectangular 5 Inch CRT with a bonded, contrast-enhance filter together with range and mode alphanumerics to facilitate evaluation of the picture. Front panel lighting at 5 V ac/dc or 27.5 dc is determined by wiring to the indicator. The major assemblies of the WI-650 are the low voltage power supply, high voltage power supply, weather interface, video and deflection, alphanumerics generator, SCI transceiver, timing generator, and front panel controls.

The WI-650 is used in the Primus 650 Color Radar System. This systems makes up a lightweight, two-box, X-band alphanumeric digital radar with display designed for weather location and analysis, and for ground mapping. The display for the system can be either a dedicated radar indicator or the radar system can be operated in conjunction with EFIS and MFD equipment. This system detects storms along the flight path of the aircraft and gives the pilot a colored visual indication of storm intensity. In weather detection mode, target returns are displayed at one of five video levels. In ground mapping mode, video levels of increasing reflectivity are displayed as black, cyan, yellow, and magenta.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberBezel ColorKnob Color2.5 NM Range60 Sector ScanLSS ControlEGPWS CompatibleVibration CategoryDisplays Turbulence