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Model Number: 345A7
Description: RATE SENSOR
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Categories Air Data Sensor
Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details

The Collins 345A-7 Rate-of-Turn Sensor detects the rate of turn of the aircraft and supplies a proportional DC signal to the rate-of-turn display in a flight director. The sensor also provides a +28 VDC valid monitor signal to drive the rate-of-turn flag on the flight director out of view when the sensor is operational. The 345A-7 Rate-of-Turn Sensor interfaces directly with the 329B-8Y Attitude Director Indicator used in the FCS-105 Flight Control System and the FD-109Y/Z Integrated Flight System, and with the ADI-85 Attitude Director Indicator used in the FIS-85 Flight Instrument System.

The 345A-7's operating temperature is -67 °F to +158 °F. The 345A-7 has an altitude range of -1000 feet to 70,000 feet. The starting power is 45 Watts while the running power is 25 Watts. The 345A-7 power source is 115 ±11 V, 400 Hz, single-phase. The 345A-7 is 3.88 inches wide, 5.63 inches in length, 3.75 inches in height and weighs 2.7 pounds nominal.