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Model Number: 562A5M5
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Categories Nav/Comm/GPS, Computers
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Product Details

The 562A-5M5 Flight Computer is part of the FCS-105 Flight Control System and furnishes vertical and lateral steering computation for automatic aircraft. The 562A-5M5 derives vertical and lateral steering commands from inputs supplied by the vertical reference gyro, navigation receivers, magnetic compass/course indicator. The 562A-5M5 also allows input from external steering systems such as doppler, inertial navigation systems and speed command computers. The computed steering commands are applied to the autopilot amplifier in the autopilot system. The 562A-5M5 contains five metal terminal boards, but Service Bulletin 10 adds two terminal boards that carry the pitch channel circuitry for vertical acceleration damping.

The 562A-5M5 Flight Computer is enclosed in a 1/4-ATR short case with a weight of 8.5 pounds maximum. The case is finished with a black, vinyl textured coating. The 562A-5M5 can be mounted in a standard 1/4-ATR short mount or an aircraft equipment rack conforming to ARINC Specification Number 404. All electrical connections are made through a dual connector at the rear of the unit that mates with the shock-mount or equipment rack. The 562A-5M5 is cooled by natural convection.

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