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Model Number: EFD85M
Description: DISPLAY
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Categories EFIS
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Product Details

The EFD-85M is a panel mounted CRT instrument that may be used as either an electronic attitude director indicator (EADI) or an electronic horizontal situation indicator (EHSI). When the EFD-85M is used as an EHSI, it provides a display which has two basic modes: full compass rose and compass sector. The full compass mode presents compass rose similar to existing electromechanical instruments. Information available in this mode includes the following (with defined sensor inputs): True/magnetic heading, selected heading, selected course, navigation data source annunciation, lateral deviation, to/from, distance to station waypoint, ground speed, time-to-go, elapsed time, bearing pointer and vertical deviation. The compass sector mode presents a portion of the compass card (approx. 80 degrees) across the top of the display which gives the pilot basic horizontal situation information in an enlarged, easily readable format. Other information presented in this mode is similar to that for the full compass mode. When the EFD-85M is used as an EADI, the instrument selectively displays the following (with defined sensor inputs): pitch and toll attitude, steering commands, vertical deviation, localizer deviation, autopilot mode annunciation, radio altitude, decision height, marker beacon annunciation and fast-slow deviation.

The EFD-85M displays information generated by the DPU-85 Display Processor Unit and display intensity is controlled from the DCP-85 Display Control Panel. The EFD-85M contains a Collins specified custom high resolution color tube. The tube has an in-line gun with shadow masking using a black matrix surrounding pigmented phosphor dot trios, providing high resolution and contrast ratio. A custom design multibandpass optical filter is used to provide enhanced contrast. Both stroke and raster scanning techniques are multiplexed to provide large area color background and sharp alphanumerics and symbols. Variations of the EFD-85M include High Intensity Radiated Field (HIRF) covers. The EFD-85A includes an auto dimming feature while the EFD-85M has a Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS).