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Model Number: VHF22C
Description: VHF COMM/GPS R/T
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Categories Nav/Comm/GPS
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Product Details

The VHF-22C Transceiver is a remote-mounted, multi-channel vhf voice transceiver providing AM voice communications in the frequency range from 118.000 mHz to 136.992 mHz. The VHF-22C transceiver provides channel spacing in either 8.33- or 25-kHz increments. The VHF-22C uses 8.33 kHz increments from 118.00 through 136.992 mHz and 25-kHz increments only when operated on 2-out-of-5 tuning. The VHF-22C is intended for new installations and is part of the Collins Proline II seris. All VHF-22C units have a narrow bandwidth. Units will -X2X part numbers are compatible with RTCA/DO-160D, section 21, category H emissions in the GPS band (1.575 gHz).

The VHF-22C is used with a frequency control unit, an antenna, and the aircraft audio system to provide two-way vhf voice communications. The transceivers accept either 2-out-of-5 parallel or RS-422A serial-digital tuning data from a frequency control unit. The VHF-22C is certified for use in piston or turbine, fixed or rotary wing aircraft.  The VHF-22C allows for operational shock to be 6 G and crash safety shock 15 G. The VHF-22C is convection cooled with a height of 3.36 in., width of 3.75 in. and length of 14.00 in. with a nominal weight of 4.9 pounds. The VHF-22C has a max altitude of 70,000 feet and an operating temperature of -55° C to +70° C.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberSelectivityFrequency RangeThinline II ConnectorGPS System Compatible
822-1113-001Narrow118.000 To 136.992 MHzYesNo
822-1113-021Narrow118.000 To 136.992 MHzYesYes
822-1113-023Narrow118.000 To 136.992 MHzYesYes