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Model Number: CTL22C
Description: COMM CONTROL
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Categories Controls
Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details

The CTL-22C is a Digital Display Communication Control that provides tuning for units with either 8.33 KHz or 25 KHz spacing. The CTL-22/22A Controls have a four and one half digit display and the CTL-22C display has five and a half digits. The CTL-22C and CTL-23C controls offer a strap-selectable option for providing COMM tuning in 8.33-kHz increments from 118.000 to136.992 MHz. The CTL-22C is used for controlling the Proline II communication transceivers such as VHF21A, VHF21B, VHF22A and VHF22B. The CTL-22C provides nonvolatile storage of preset frequencies besides the active and preselect frequencies that are displayed. The CTL-22C can be used as a  direct replacement for the CTL-22.The CTL-22C is available with a black or gray bezel, 5V or 28V lighting, variations of ON/OFF selection and volume control.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberLighting VoltageVolume ControlSelector Switch PositionPanel Color
822-1120-0015VNoOFF-ON-SQ OFFGray
822-1120-00228VNoOFF-ON-SQ OFFGray
822-1120-0035VNoOFF-ON-SQ OFFBlack
822-1120-00428VNoOFF-ON-SQ OFFBlack
822-1120-0055VYesOFF-ON-SQ OFFGray
822-1120-00628VYesOFF-ON-SQ OFFGray
822-1120-0075VYesOFF-ON-SQ OFFBlack
822-1120-00828VYesOFF-ON-SQ OFFBlack
822-1120-0095VNoNORM-SQ OFFGray
822-1120-01028VNoNORM-SQ OFFGray
822-1120-0115VNoNORM-SQ OFFBlack
822-1120-01228VNoNORM-SQ OFFBlack
822-1120-0135VYesNORM-SQ OFFGray
822-1120-01428VYesNORM-SQ OFFGray
822-1120-0155VYesNORM-SQ OFFBlack
822-1120-01628VYesNORM-SQ OFFBlack