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Model Number: CTL32G
Description: NAV CONTROL
Manufacturer COLLINS
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Product Details

The CTL-32G Control is a serial tune control unit that is used for tuning the Pro Line II radios. The CTL-32G is used to simultaneously tune the VIR-32 and DME-42 radios in normal range of 108.00 through 117.95 MHz. The CTL-32G can also be configured to permit tuning the DME-42 (only) to non-paired military TACAN channels in the range of 133.00 through 135.95 MHz. The CTL-32G outputs serial data to tune the radio being controlled and receives serial data being returned from the radio. The CTL-32G scans operator controls and discrete inputs for frequency, mode data and operating configuration. The CTL-32G can be configured to accept serial tuning data supplied from an external system. The CTL-32G provides nonvolatile storage of preset frequencies besides the active and preselect frequencies that are displayed. The CTL-32G serves only as a display unit and a means for transmitting the tune data to the radio. The display also shows diagnostic data received from the radio and allows for mode selection. The CTL-32G Control has a four and one half digit display. The CTL-32G is the direct replacement for the CTL-32 which provide digital LED display and all digital architecture.

The CTL-32G is available in several different variations which include options between 28V and 5V lighting and a black or gray panel. The CTL-32G can be panel mounted from the front or rear. The CTL-32G is certified for use in piston or turbine, fixed or rotary wing aircraft. The CTL-32G is convection cooled with a 35,000 Ft max altitude.