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Model Number: ASH5841
Manufacturer GE AVIATION
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Categories Inverters
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Product Details

The ASH584-1 Static Inverter provides 400 Hz single-phase sine wave power for aircraft electrical loads. The ASH584-1 performs equally well for use when powering navigational instruments, a bench power supply, in mobile installations or in several other applications where 400 Hz power is required. The ASH584-1 delivers rated ac power output over the input dc voltage range of 22 to 32 volts with nominal of 28 volts dc. The 400 Hz power supplied is closely regulated in voltage, frequency and distortion with a maximum total distortion of 5%. The ASH584-1 contains an input filter which isolates and protects the unit from disturbances and over voltage from the power source. The ASH584-1 uses a series of parallel resonance filters technique which aids in making it a highly reliable static power source.

The ASH584-1 is designed to operate under severe aircraft environmental conditions. The ASH584-1 has a temperature range of -55° C to 71° C of continuous temperature with a maximum altitude of 55,000 feet. The ASH584-1 is a solid state unit that is 9.25 inches in length, 4.75 inches in width and 5.00 inches in height. The ASH584-1 is cooled by convection, conduction and radiation. The ASH584-1 meets or exceeds the listed specifications when tested to the applicable parts of FAA TSO-C73 and RTCA DO-160.

Part Number Differences:
Part NumberOutput @ 115 VacShort Circuit Capacity Increased Mounting Type Return Pins Changed
ASH584-1250 VANoStandardNo
ASH584-2300 VAYes to 5.2 ampStandardNo
ASH584-3250 VAYes to 4.4 ampStandardNo
ASH584-4300 VANoStandardNo
ASH584-5250 VANoStandardYes on 26 Vac output and 115 Vac
ASH584-6250 VAYes to 4.4 ampFlangeNo