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Model Number: GA100
Description: CVR
Manufacturer FAIRCHILD
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Categories Cockpit Voice Recorders
Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details

The Fairchild GA-100 Cockpit Voice Recorder is an endless-loop magnetic tape device that records all voice signals transmitted or received by aircraft crew members for a period of 30 minutes continuously. Voice recordings beyond 30 minutes are automatically erased. The GA-100 consists of a magnetic tape recorder with 309 feet of tape and an electronic chassis. The recorder accepts the headset inputs from the pilot and co-pilot, the area microphone input, and if necessary a third source. The GA-100 is a voice quality audio-frequency device that provides four separate channels simultaneous voice recording which may be played back on ground equipment.

The GA-100 is housed in an international orange. The GA-100 is 12.5625 inches long, 7.625 inches high, 4.875 inches wide and 23.3 pounds maximum. The GA-100 has a altitude range of -1000 to +50,000 feet. The GA-100 temperature range is -54°C to +55°C. The GA-100's AC power requirements are 115 Vrms, 400 Hz, 20 Watts with a battery power of 28 VDC.