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Model Number: WA700
Manufacturer HONEYWELL
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Categories Radar Equipment
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Product Details

The WA-700 Antenna Pedestal is compatible with the PRIMUS 700/701 radar system. The Primus 700/701 search and rescue weather radar systems provide surveillance and search modes integrated with color weather radar. The PRIMUS 700/701 system operates with either a weather radar indicator or with an EFIS system using controllers. The WA-700 has a stepper motor that drives the flat-plate radiator left and right 60° for a total scan of 120° (or left and right 30° in the case of a 60° sector scan) as specified with the logic drive signals from the RT. The scan rate is 12 looks each minute for the 120° or 24 looks each minute for the 60° scan. The pedestal elevation assembly lets the radar beam move up or down 30° for a total of 60° when actuated by a combination of the tilt control and stabilization commands. The flat-plate radiator is supplied as a separate part.

The WA-700 weighs 7.20 pounds and is designed for cantilever mounting on the front bulkhead of the aircraft. The WA-700 has 15° up and 15° down tilt excursion with horizontal polarization. The WA-700  stabilization circuitry in the RT maintains the pedestal output radar beam at a constant elevation with respect to the horizon, regardless of aircraft attitude in the limits of the RT -30° to 30° pedestal elevation excursions. The WA-700 is capable of having flat-plate radiator sizes of 10 inches round, 12 inches round, 12 inches truncated, 10 by 14 inches with spacer plate, 18 inches with base extension, 12 by 18 inches with base extension. The pedestal needs a base extender when used with the 10 by 14 inch, 12 by 18 inch, or 18 inch flat-plate radiator which is supplied with the radiator. The base extender is needed to give adequate clearance between the flat-plate radiator and the aircraft bulkhead. The WA-700 has a max operating altitude of 55,000 feet and temperature range of -55° C to 70° C.

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