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Model Number: F1000
Description: SSFDR
Manufacturer L3
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Categories Flight Data Recorders
Repair Capabilities YES
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Product Details

The L-3 F1000 Solid-State Flight Data Recorder, SSFDR, provides a time synchronization signal for recording on a Cockpit Voice Recorder. The F1000 recorder is housed in a standard ½ ATR long case in international orange with a tape recording minimum of 25 hours time. The F1000 has variations with a titanium Flight Crash Survivable Storage Unit. The power requirements for the F1000 is 115 VAC, 400 Hz, 19 Watts or 28 VDC 18 Watts (Max).

The F1000 is 19.56 inches long, 7.62 inches high, 4.88 inches wide and weighs 25.4 pounds maximum. The F1000 SSFDR complies with ARINC 542 and 542A parameters that accepts input signal format of electric, pneumatic or electric and pneumatic according to the part number. Variations of the F1000 comply with ARINC 573, 717, and 747 as well. The recordings can be in 42 Words per Second (WPS), 64 WPS, or 128 WPS.